April 2014
We had our best spring calf crop yet. 7 heifers and 6 bull calves. Doesn’t look like at this time that there will be many culled.
3 heifers and 5 bull calves from our herd bull Dakota. We sold Dakotas first calf, a bull born in September to Haizen Elder for him to show.
One set of Revolution twins, bull and heifer and heifers from, KCF Bennett 9126J, PCR 286 Mr Advisor and SHF Kennedy.

My grandkids, Savannah and Chase won a second and a third in Houston. Savannah’s heifer will be AI’ed to About Time and Chase’s heifer to Revolution 4R.
A really nice heifer from last year sired by Huth Full House will also be AI’ed to About Time.
Our two mainstay cows, Freckles who has been AI’ed 5 times and taken each time and Fawn who has been AI’ed 5 times and 4 taken will be AI’ed to PCR 286 Mr Advisor. Freckles has averaged 106 on her calves weaning ratio and Fawn has averaged 104.

We plan on Flushing T2T Daisy who won the 2013 Ft Worth and Houston Cow/Calf Division to Purple Milsap. We have 3 of our good milking cows and 3 Registered 3 year old Angus cows targeted as recips.

Calving season is always exciting and a real joy to witness and be with the mommas when the calves are born. Will have to wait until September and October for the next round. There should be some really good calves in our fall group.

Texas 2T Farm in Nacogdoches. Texas was started in 2006 as a family run operation covering 3 generations of the Tinsley family. We decided our niche in the Hereford Cattle business was to breed AI to achieve high value genetics expressed in their EPD’s and pedigrees to develop our seed stock.

My grandson Chase and my granddaughter Savannah showing their heifers at the 2010 East Texas State Show.


I have always loved cattle, and have had a few over the years, but my job did not allow me to really get started, so I decided that my retirement would be a good time to start.

I took Agriculture in High School in 1958 and 1959, but much has changed since then. When we started this operation, I basically had no knowledge of raising modern day Herefords. EPD's in the 50's were not heard of and when we started this business, they were pure Greek to me.

After purchasing 6 heifers, all offspring of show cattle, we thought this was going to be a great start. One of those heifers died, four did not grow properly and had to be sold off. We only have one of those original left.

We decided if we were going to raise Herefords, we were going to have to get some better animals and then have a plan for what we were going to do with them. Obtaining better animals was the easy part, developing a plan for them required a lot of research, talking to long time cattlemen, some breeders and with Jack Ward at the AHA office. As a side note, unlike most businesses where they tend not to share information because they feel they would lose a competitive edge, all the AHA member breeders I have talked to are willing to share information and to answer all the questions I could think of. What a great group of people.

With all this input, we finally arrived at a plan for them. We have T2T Dakota R294 1005L as a herd sire to cover our cows and heifers after AI'ing. The intent of our program is to be driven by Artificial Insemination until we develop the bulls that we want to keep as herd sires.


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