A plan requires a goal. Our goal is to produce good milking, low birth weight, moderate sized Herefords with high growth, excellent carcass data and have all of the Economic Indexes in the top I percent of their range.

We know we will have to have an aggressive culling program in order to meet our goal.

We have developed a three generation breeding program, dividing our cows into 2 groups. Sires will be selected for each group. The sires will be chosen for the different traits needed by the groups and their sequence required in the three generation program will be chosen to eventually arrive with Herefords that meet our goals.

The cows we keep will have to be good milkers, have excellent udders, be fertile and gentle enough for me to get calf birth weights and tag them without being worried about an injury from a mad mama

As our program evolves, we will wind up with two groups of great cattle which we will breed to each other. The resulting offspring should produce a line of Herefords that will supply outstanding Herefords of benefit to Hereford and commercial breeders.

Since we are mainly looking for heifers in this program, we will be selling some fine bull calves along the way